About Me

I am Tawfiq Dasanah, an experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professional with a strong background in Natural Language Processing, Vision Models, Time Series, and Knowledge Graphs. Holding a Master of Engineering and a Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto. I’ve been recognized on the Dean’s Honors List for my academic achievements.

I have about 8 years working in AI and software. As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, I’ve led diverse projects in healthcare diagnosis prediction, federated learning for edge devices, and several Natural Language projects. I have vast experience working with several companies and extended workforce consulting with companies like Google.

I thrive on creating and sharing educational AI content, mentoring aspiring AI professionals, and exploring innovative AI applications. My passion for AI is also reflected in my YouTube channel and blogs.

I am dedicated to fostering the next generation of AI talent and continuously pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. Let’s connect and explore the exciting possibilities that AI brings to our world.